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Release 4.1.4

Bug FixesFix popping/crackling for some users while streaming to zones 1 and 2 Introduce improvements to avoid loud static on Spotify Connect inputs affecting some users Improve Airplay2 Audio synchronization Fix upgrades for multi-juke units on versions prior to...

Release 4.1.2

What's newImprove device stability Resolve Juke crashes on intermittent internal hardware communication failures Improve logging around network operations Introduce potential fix for volume randomly becoming loud on Juke Some Spotify inputs may randomly get loud as a...

Release 4.1.0

What's newEnable input stacking on multi-juke systems Now, when you pair multiple Jukes together, their inputs appear together to allow more than 4 inputs on a single network Enable multiple instances of Airplay2 Allow enabling and disabling inputs Disable inputs...

What Speakers Work Best with the Juke Audio Amplifier?

Are you wondering what speakers will work best with your audio amplifier? We're here to help you answer that question by guiding you through the meaning and significance of the various speaker specifications including sensitivity rating, impedance, power handling,...

Release 3.3.2

What's new: Improve WiFi connection stability at low signal strength Show warning at low WiFi signal strengths New icon for volume control for non-admin users Bug Fixes Fix formatting issues affecting certain elements of pages Fix Multi-Juke stability issues Jukes on...

Release 3.3.1

What's new: Improved device longevity Optimized data operations to reduce wear on system Updated applications to be more fail-safe to memory wear Improved responsiveness for larger screen sizes The interface now fits better for tablets and laptops Allow non-admin...

Release 3.3.0

What's new: Dynamic Mapping (beta): Zones can be set to take multiple inputs and Juke will dynamically determine who should play to it on a first come first serve basis. Opt in from the zone settings page. Click here to learn more. Juke integration API...

Release 3.2.4

What's new: Reduces power consumption when playing to unconnected zone Fix broken support links on interface Add clarity to network setup and password reset operations

Release 3.2.3

What's new: Reduce Juke power consumption when playing to unconnected zone Add fail-safe for Wi-Fi driver failures Reduce time to reconnect to Airplay