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Our Story

 Built by the consumer for the consumer

Juke Audio is a Los Angeles based manufacturer and designer of multi-room amplifiers with wireless streaming capabilities.  At the size of a textbook, our product makes it so users can play audio to wired ceiling and wall speakers throughout every room of their home seamlessly.  While this concept is not entirely new, the ability to use one amplifier to power 6 or 8 zones (depending on the model) and control each of the zones via a proprietary wireless software interface is extremely unique.


The Juke Product

The Juke Story

The product was born out of the founders’ own home audio needs.  After scouring the internet, it became clear that everything on the home audio market for powering ceiling and wall speakers was either overly complicated and/or overpriced.   We confronted this issue by constructing what eventually would become Juke; a product built by the consumer for the consumer.  With an affordable price, quick installation process, and simple user interface, Juke is a whole home audio solution filling a void in the marketplace.


Don’t just take our word

Juke Audio: Sound Made Simple

It was easy to access and enabled me to play my library with no issue. On Thursday, Mac (our 16 yr old) wasn’t digging my music so he connected easily and DJ’d throughout the day. Very cool.

— Lynn, Westchester, PA



Wiring and connecting to your network takes no time at all!


Configure zone volumes, audio inputs, zone names in a snap!


Juke is super simple to use. You don’t even have to download an app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What speakers do you recommend?

A: Juke is quite flexible in terms of the speakers we support. However, one company we have found great success with is MSE Audio.  If you would like specific speaker recommendations  based on your setup please send us an email at email@jukeaudio.com

Juke is capable of powering speakers with impedance between 2 and 8 Ohms, with 4 to 8 Ohms being typical. Most ceiling/wall/landscape speakers will work well. Juke can take any speaker wires between 12 and 22 gauge.

Q: How do I play audio from my TV to Juke?

A:  The most seamless option would be to utilize an Apple TV to send the audio wirelessly over Airplay  to Juke in the same way you would from your phone/tablet.    Our latest firmware has perfect audio to video synchronization aka lip sync.

Another options is to get a separate  sound  bar or surround sound receiver  for a main media room  or theater.  If it  Airplay 2 enabled then you’ll be able to stream to Juke and it from your phone in unison.

Q: How do you connect an analog device as an input to Juke?

A: Juke has two USB ports, so it is capable of supporting up to two devices that provide line-level analog signals (e.g. line-out from a surround-sound receiver, CD players, Bluetooth adapter).  In order to utilize this USB input we require the purchase of this adapter: USB 2.0 Audio Capture Card

Q: Is Juke compatible with Android?

A: Yes. Android users can connect to Juke in  three different ways:

1. Spotify Connect – Just as seamless as Airplay from an iPhone but you are limited to Spotify streaming.
2. Double Twist Pro and AirMusic – Both of these apps have the major streaming services and music library options embedded into them and allow Android users to stream to Juke.
3. Use an  audiocast  and plug it into the USB port on Juke to stream a wide array of sources via Chromecast.  It will also require the   USB to RCA adapter.

Q: What do I do if my house has wall panels installed from an older system?

A: Nothing is needed to be done with them. Either bypass them, or just set them a full volume. You can control the volume and which zones are on or off via Juke’s interface.

Q: Does Juke support Bluetooth?

A: Yes. This can be accomplished by plugging the USB Audio adapter into the USB port on the Juke and then plugging this Bluetooth Piece into the other end. Then you can designate 1 of the 4 sources to that Bluetooth device. See details in the configuration section of the instructions tab for info on how to do that.

Q: Does Juke have an app?

A: No, it doesn’t need one!   Users can   stream to Juke directly using whatever app they are accustomed to using (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, etc.).  You can connect to Juke within all these major streaming apps directly from your Airplay or Spotify Connect menu. 

There is a simple web interface that is used to  turn zones on/off for your wireless or analog inputs.  That interface is what’s shown on the  “Control Your Audio” portion of the homepage on our website. 

Q: Can I pair multiple Jukes together?

A: Yes you can. Users can pair multiple Jukes to play music across 12 zones, 16 zones, 24 zones, etc. with all of them still being able to be controlled in the same interface! Perfect solution for those with large homes.

Q: What is Juke's power output?

A: Juke produces approximately 40W peak per channel (80 W peak per zone). The RMS power is 20W per channel (40W per zone). The total aggregate peak output power of zones operated simultaneously is approximately 400W, and the RMS value is 200W. While Juke’s output power is perfect for whole-home audio with architectural speakers, it can also be used in combination with surround-sound receivers. The receiver powers larger speakers in a TV/listening room that require more wattage, and Juke powers all the architectural speakers in all the other rooms. If this is of interest, I’d be happy to send an application note.

Q: What if I have more than eight zones to control?

In instances where you have more than 8 zones / 16 speakers, you can combine multiple Jukes together wirelessly. To do so, simply connect the additional Juke(s) to the same local network and the additional zones will appear automatically in your Juke interface. Note: there will still only be four available sources. You may also want to designate a particular Juke as a ‘forced server’ so that your configurations don’t change after a power outage