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Integrators, Installers, Channel Partners, Home Builders

Juke Audio is establishing partnerships with select integrators, installers, channel partners and home builders.

  • Integrators and installers: Currently, many requests for whole-home audio systems are turned away because the costs don’t match customer budgets. Juke gives you a brand new market opportunity.

  • Channel Partners: Juke Audio offers a product unlike anything else. In a crowded market, Juke represents a new and exciting offer.

  • Home Builders: Most new construction includes the installation and wiring of architectural speakers, but then what? Juke Audio allows you to quickly power all those speakers, and provides a very inexpensive but incredibly effective solutions. Furthermore, because Juke is so easy to use, it’s a snap for you or your brokers to showcase a home’s speaker system.

If you are interested in discussing or learning more, we’d love to hear from you!

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