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Welcome to the Juke Audio support page. We’re here to help you with any issues you may have with your Juke. Here you can find frequently asked technical support questions and submit a form describing your issue. If you opt to submit a form, a Juke representative reach out and assist you within 1-2 business days.

You may also post your question at our official Juke Reddit page where you can get help from not only us but the Juke community as well.


Q: How do I know if my Juke is connected to my network?

A: The easiest way to tell if your Juke is connected to your network is to check if its heartbeat light is blinking twice on repeat. If so, then it is already on your network and you should be able to access it from your browser!

You can also check by seeing if your device is appearing as a WiFi access point by the name of JUKEAUDIO. If the device is connected via Ethernet, you can also check by seeing if the ethernet lights are blinking.

Lastly, you can check by trying to access the Juke from your browser. To do so, go to your preferred browser on your phone, click on the URL bar and type in juke.local. If you are an Android user and your OS is 11 or below, you will need to access your Juke via IP address.

Q: How can I access the Juke interface with my Android phone?

A: If you are on Android 12 or above you can access the Juke interface just by typing juke.local in your favorite browser on your phone.
Older versions of Android do not support the protocol to work with juke.local. Instead, you will need to type your Juke’s IP address in your browser. This can be found by accessing the devices list on your router, or using the free Fing app on Android.

Q: Why can’t my phone find Juke.local or any wireless inputs (ie Spotify)?

A: First, try turning your phone’s Wi-Fi off and back on. If that doesn’t work, try rebooting your Juke.

If you device is connected through Wi-Fi, check to see if your device is appearing as an WiFi access point. If so, your device may be out of range from your Juke.

For home networks with multiple routers, make sure your phone is connected to the same one that your Juke is connected to.

If you’ve tried following the instructions above, and still have trouble. Try connecting to your Juke by typing its IP address in your browser.

If you can access your Juke via IP address but juke.local/Airplay/Spotify do not work, please follow the instructions below.


TIP: To aid in troubleshooting, we recommend downloading an app to help discover Juke on your local network. For android customers, we recommend the Fing app. For iPhone customers, we recommend the Flame Services Browser app. They perform the same function and will report information on any devices on your network.

We also recommend checking out our decision tree to quickly diagnose your issues.

Q: I can access my Juke via IP address but why can't I find my wireless inputs?

A: If you can access your Juke via IP address, then please check your router’s configurations to ensure it is compatible with Juke’s various services such as Airplay, and Spotify Connect. For this we recommend contacting the company that provided you with the router. Inform them that you are having issues with getting Airplay/Spotify Connect to appear on your network.

Some things to check in your router’s settings is that that multicast and mdns is enabled. Note that some routers may not have these options. If this does not work, try updating the firmware on your router.

If you have a managed network switch on your network, it may help to disable IGMP snooping. If you have multiple routers or network switches on your network, these settings should be applied to them as well.


NOTE: Some ISP-provided routers may not come with the necessary feature to enable Airplay/Spotify/juke.local to appear on their networks. This can be for a variety of reasons. It may be to provide the most basic set of features to ensure simplicity and reliability. It may be to cut down on costs. Or they may not have been keeping up with the latest technologies. Whatever the reason, we recommend that you get your own router to not be tied to your ISP’s and to ensure that you have the best networking setup for your smart-home. With that second router, you can bridge your internet connection from the original router and connect your Juke and all other devices to the new router.

Q: How can I find my Juke's IP address?

A: You can find your Juke’s IP address using the following methods:

  • Check your router’s settings. The instructions to do so will vary based on your router.
  • Look up your device using our device lookup tool. Note that it may take a while for your device to check in with our servers after you connect it the first time.
  • For android customers, download the Fing app. This will search your network for Juke and report its IP address.
  • For iPhone customers, download the Flame Services Browser app. It performs the same function as the Fing app for android users.

Note that the Fing and Flame Services Browser apps may not work if you are experiencing issues with Juke’s wireless inputs not appearing on your network.

Q: Why isn't my WiFi appearing as an option on the Juke?

A: It is possible that your Juke is out of range from your WiFi access point. To resolve this, move your Juke closer to your nearest router or switch to ethernet. If neither is an option, please connect a WiFi extender to the Juke.

Also, Juke operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, meaning if your WiFi is only on the 5 GHz frequency band it will not appear in the list of available access points. Double-check your router settings and make sure your 2.4 GHz band is turned on.

Q: How can I extend the WiFi range of my Juke?

A: You can extend the range on your juke by connecting a WiFi range extender to your router and then connecting an ethernet cable between the Juke and the range extender. For this, we recommend the TP-LINK N300 range extender or the RT5370 WiFi adapter.

Q: Why is my Juke appearing as a WiFi access point?

A: This can happen when your Juke is out of range of the router or it is failing to connect to an Wi-Fi access point. Try extending the range of your Juke, expanding the coverage of your Wi-Fi network, or connecting your Juke to your router via Ethernet cable.

Q: How do I configure a static IP for my Juke?

A: Static IPs are configured on your router and cannot be set on the Juke. Each router has different instructions to do so. Please refer to your router’s manual or contact the company that provided you with your router.


Audio Playback

Q: How can I play audio to my Juke from my Android phone?

A: You have three options as an Android user: Spotify connect, third-party app, or third-party hardware.

  1. Spotify Connect is just as seamless as Airplay from an iPhone but you are limited to Spotify streaming.
  2. The third-party apps are not free but allow you to stream any audio from your Android to your Juke Airplay sources (limited to one source). Some recommendations are Double Twist Pro or AirMusic.
  3. The third-party hardware allows any number of devices to play to the Juke using the USB audio input source. For this, you can purchase an Audiocast and RCA-to-USB adapter.

Q: Why don't I hear any audio when streaming to my Juke?

A: Try going to your juke.local interface, selecting the audio input you are currently streaming with and toggling the zones that you wish to output audio to. If there is still no audio, try going to Administrator Settings => System Diagnostics and then clicking the ‘Run Zone Tests’ button. This will check to see if there are any issues with your speaker connections. Click on any warnings that come up to see more details.

Q: Why am I getting 'No connection detected' on my speakers?

A: If you see ‘No connection detected’ on your speaker connections, it is likely that there is a wiring issue on your Juke. Double check that your wires are secured in the connector block and cannot be pulled out with a firm tug on each individual wire.

If you hear a click on your speakers when togging the output, it is likely the polarity is wrong on one of the wires. To fix this, you will have to flip the connection on the + and – labels of the channel affected.
If you have a dual-channel speaker, and this does not resolve the issue for you, try swapping a wire from the left (L) channel and the right (R) channel. If you still are having issues, please contact an electrician to check your wiring.

Device Reset

Q: How can I reset the password on my Juke?

A: You can do this by going to juke.local/reset.php and clicking on ‘Password Reset’. For android users, you’ll need to use your IP address instead of juke.local. For security reasons, you’ll need to input the serial number or wireless mac address for your Juke and reboot it within 60 seconds of resetting (otherwise the changes will not be applied).

Q: How can I factory reset my Juke?

A: You can do this by going to juke.local/reset.php and clicking on ‘Factory Reset’. For android users, you’ll need to use your IP address instead of juke.local. For security reasons, you’ll need to input the serial number or wireless mac address for your Juke and reboot it within 60 seconds of resetting (otherwise the changes will not be applied).