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CE Pro, the leading media source for home audio installers, awarded our Juke-8 as the winner of their Multi-Room AV components category for 2020.

    The Juke experience has been great so far!! I loved the setup-we had it up and running in about 15 mins!! The product does exactly what it says it does, and that is a big deal. I really enjoy how easy it is to switch between zones without any delay. This product is exactly what I was looking for

    — Phil, Wilton, CT

    I love Juke. Super easy as I am a dummy about that kind of stuff. Music is powerful. It’s emotional and stimulates the senses. Having Juke is the BEST!!! Right at my FINGERTIPS.

    — Madhuri, Brentwood, CA

    The family is rocking out! The system works great and the speakers sound better than ever!

    — Eric, Los Angeles, CA

    I hooked up 2 zones in about 15 minutes or so, and the instructions on operating it couldn’t have been easier. I had music playing in about 3 minutes once I turned it on. I didn’t realize until now that you don’t even need an app. Audio quality is great. Your product is so much better and simpler to use. 

    — Todd, Atherton, California

    It was easy to access and enabled me to play my library with no issue. On Thursday, Mac (our 16 yr old) wasn’t digging my music so he connected easily and DJ’d throughout the day. Very cool.

    — Lynn, Westchester, PA

    An unsolicited review from one of the top audio visual publications, Audioholics.