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Firmware Release Notes

Release 3.3.0

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What’s new:

  • Dynamic Mapping (beta):
    • Zones can be set to take multiple inputs and Juke will dynamically determine who should play to it on a first come first serve basis. Opt in from the zone settings page. Click here to learn more.
  • Juke integration API
    • Programmatically control your Juke using our locally hosted API. To see the documentation, go to juke.local/api/apidocs after updating your unit.
  • Additional heartbeat patterns for better troubleshooting
    • Four blinks = Initializing
    • Three blinks = Not on network
    • Two blinks = On network and behaving as a server
    • one blink = On network and behaving as a client
  • UI improvements
    • Less glitchy navigation between pages on multi-juke systems
    • Moved ‘Edit Zone Names’ to ‘Zone Settings’
    • Quickly toggling buttons don’t result in zooming in on mobile
    • Persist the zone page when navigating between inputs
    • Add link to reset password on login page after first failed attempt

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix USB volume slider not appearing on zone control page
  • Fix occasional Spotify disconnections
  • Fix long running inputs failing to play after a period of time